Who is zac efron dating july 2016

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Why didn't they just have a few drinks before filming?

do some method acting would've made it more convincing then watching a clearly sober person act drunk.

She used the dating app for the first time during BBC1 documentary Britain’s Relationship Secrets and it seems she was a fan.

But you might struggle to find her though, as chances are she’s given up due to slim pickings.

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Thanks to Chrissy Teigen, Raya was outed as the dating app the celebs use back in July 2016.

And even still it was a weak poor performance from him.

You're better off stringing together an entire season of Workaholics and watching that instead of this, because this felt like a workaholics episode but 50% less funny.

The actors were all completely smashed drunk and on screen trying to act sober like Oliver Reed.

The last thing I saw Audrey plaza in was that Father John Misty video and she was ace in those 3 mins. Im not sure if we have reached peak shock humour but i'd say we'd be close.

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