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Common usage: "I got an aliyah," or "This is the last aliyah." (Also refers to the act of moving to Israel ― as in, "The Greenbergs have decided to make aliyah.") Amidah (also called Shemoneh Esrei) ― The silent prayer said as part of every prayer service.

Eishes Chayil ― "The Woman of Valor," a song in praise of the Jewish woman, written by King Solomon.

A short talk or discussion at the Shabbat table, usually centered on the Torah portion of the week. David is giving a Devar Torah," or "Do you have a vort? Common usage: "I'll drop the flowers off at our hosts erev Shabbat" ― as in the hours just before Shabbat.

"Good Shabbos" ― Traditional Shabbat salutation, said upon meeting or departing.

We are selling loads of Beetles still, particularly in US markets.

But we will also have the Microbus that we showed, which we have recently decided we will build." The Buzz is what Europeans would call a multi-purpose vehicle, or MPV, though North Americans would likely consider it a minivan. It rides on an extended version of Volkswagen's dedicated MEB electric-car architecture, and the concept was shown with all-wheel drive provided by one motor each on the front and rear axles.

While Volkswagen's concepts, especially the ID Buzz, have garnered their share of attention, the first electric vehicle built on the MEB platform won't hit the roads until around 2019.The flexibility of the electric-car setup—a thin battery pack under the floorpan powers motors at the rear or one each at front and rear—a much larger passenger cabin than in a car with a combustion engine and transmission."Now," Bischoff said, "we have the proportions right." Interestingly, the highest-volume member of VW's upcoming range of Volkswagen ID electric cars, a compact five-door hatchback roughly the size of the long-running Golf, used rear-wheel drive only.DON'T MISS: VW ID Buzz concept: all-electric Microbus could arrive in 2022 (Jan 2017) Unveiled at January's Detroit auto show, the ID Buzz is a modern, all-electric VW Microbus, with overt design cues from the classic Type 2 rear-engined box much beloved of the Sixties counterculture.At last week's launch of the new Volkswagen Polo subcompact, Volkswagen brand head Herbert Diess told the British magazine : "Emotional cars are very important for the brand.

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