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“Due to declining EV costs, growth in charging station access, and increased familiarity and acceptance by the public, EVs will play an ever greater role in the U. “Tighter fuel economy standards on gasoline light duty vehicles only slow EV adoption to a minor degree, so policymakers aiming to reduce pollutant emissions should consider using both fuel economy standards to help drive down pollutants rapidly in the near-term and EV promotion policies.

“Electricity demand from light duty vehicles in 2050 will be significant and may require planning by electric utilities and regulators.

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RAND disseminates the results of our work as broadly as possible to benefit the public good.Some of the most frequent questions we get are about computer or Internet speed.Seems lots of folks don't care much for waiting, and waiting - and waiting some more - for the video to load, the movie to download or the upload to send. Even now, sometimes the Internet can seem horribly slow.The fuel for a conventional car costs four times as much or more.Electric cars also have no tailpipe emissions, especially carbon dioxide and particulates.

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    The event started out as the "Adult Software exhibition" of the show, which attracted as many as 100,000 visitors in addition to those attending CES.

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    Rape, Abuse and Incest National Hotline1-800-656-HOPE I Parenthood1-800-230-7526 I Domestic Violence Hotline1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224 I if you are aware on anyone who violates our terms of use please report them here.