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He was the oldest president, which is a big disadvantage, but it’s impossible to forget that this guy was also a movie star.There’s also hard evidence that Nancy was a freak in her younger days.When Bill Clinton enters the room, the party starts.There’s not much to say about this obscure president, except that he’s gorgeous.Sure, he’s a bit jowly (“Muppet-esque,” you might say), but you can’t deny that the man had a nice chin dimple. Not to mention that Taylor’s nickname was “Old Rough and Ready.” Bushes elder and younger have almost the same face, so it would be wrong of us to place him too far from his progeny. The tallest president at six-foot-four, Lincoln was a successful lawyer, a great conversationalist, and had “O Captain, My Captain” written about him.But honestly, now that we’ve all seen him throw up, the magic is gone. (In contrast, say what you will about Dubya, but he completely fucked up the entire country with undeniable verve.) Okay, so he had a mullet. There’s a reason people still hotly debate this guy’s sexual orientation and not, say, Grover Cleveland’s.

Thomas Jefferson was tall, gentlemanly, and he wrote the Declaration of Independence.Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei have each been charged with two counts of invasion of privacy, and could face up to five years in prison if convicted on a third degree offense.Worse yet, Ravi is being charged with two additional counts of invasion of privacy, because he apparently attempted to film AGAIN two days later!But he has to get a little credit for having been assassinated.He’s even got a bit of a Cary Grant thing going in some pictures. He also had bad teeth, but being the father of the country can get you forgiven for a lot of things.

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