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I could see a reunion show happening, but what would a movie be about? Also are Tisha Campbell and Martin Lawrence on speaking terms now, for her to want to come back to a reunion or do a movie based on the show?Martin will forever go down as one of the most ICONIC sitcoms in television history.Tichina Arnold: Well, the rest of the cast would try to stay on script. Because everybody was on the same page – they just cared about the comedy. TA: Well, the way our schedules were set up, we would rehearse in the morning and do a block shoot. They had more than a production role and it was great.We made sure that we weren’t insensitive to anybody. Basically we all just went to work every day to laugh.I didn’t know Tommy at the time and I knew of Martin from House Party, because he was in it with Tisha.I also wanted to switch from soap operas to sitcoms.Though it made its debut in the early '90s, the series has managed to remain a nostalgic staple in the lives of millions of fans around the world to this day.

Martin Lawrence: John Bowman, the show’s co-creator, and I came up with it. So, we all used to get pissed off about that, because like who really sits there and counts how many times you curse. Roland would have to approve certain scripts depending on how many censors there were.

ML: Umm, I don’t want to rate them, but I will tell you Tichina’s right up there. But they were all good, everybody could hold their own.

That was the beauty of the show and why it worked so well.

When it came to improvisation, everybody could hold their own.

ML: Sometimes when I had bedroom scenes, I would jump out of the bed with a grapefruit in my pants like I had a big penis. We did so much crazy stuff on set — it was really just the place to be.

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