Inconsistent fico line item data for updating

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Thus, SAP Simple Finance overcomes the associated costs such as reduced transactional throughput and increased database footprint.At the same time, SAP Simple Finance is a non-disruptive innovation of the classical ERP Financials because it replaces the materialized views with non-materialized compatibility views.As redundant data needs to be kept in sync on updates, redundancy in a data model leads to slower updates.

With SAP HANA and SAP Simple Finance we changed that, to give you a more agile approach to financial management and planning.In view of millions or billions of accounting documents (headers, stored in table ), materialized views and aggregates as mechanisms to maintain redundant data provided fast access to items with specific properties.For example, SAP ERP Financials contained a materialized view for all open Accounts Receivable line items (table Building on SAP HANA’s in-memory technology, it has now been possible to non-disruptively transform the Financials system into a purely line-item-based Simple Finance that gets rid of all redundant financials data.In the next two blogs we will investigate the concepts of materialized views and materialized aggregates, respectively, and demonstrate that it is indeed feasible with in-memory database systems to get rid of these redundant constructs.Future parts of the deep dive series will also highlight additional improvements and paradigms of Simple Finance that are possible thanks to SAP HANA and focus on, for example, the business value associated with Simple Finance, non-disruptive innovation, and how Simple Finance enables decision makers to overcome aggregate information loss.

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