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Founded in 1912 by Julius Zorn, Juzo has been pioneering technologically advanced compression products for decades by gathering constant feedback from medical professionals and patients and applying that knowledge to create comfortable, effective garments.Healthwick offers a comprehensive range of Juzo compression socks and stocking for men and women. Juzo is still family owned and operated, with the company President being the great, great granddaughter of the founder.Icebreaker* Icebreaker* are known for their range of ethically manufactured merino travel and active wear and basics.Merino wool is a high quality sustainable fiber that is breathable, can be cool in summer and warm in winter.The environmental impacts of nylon are significant.

So I have lumped all possible terms into this post, and hopefully everyone can find what they are looking for (even if I use the words differently to you! So why is it important to find sustainable options for tights, leggings, stocking and pantyhose?Pantyhose Share Club is a small but steadily growing site dedicated to those that want to live an open, honest and fulfilling pantyhose lifestyle.If you want to be a part of Pantyhose Share Club, please click Join and register. The founders mission is to bring back the luxury that used to be associated with high quality hosiery.They make knee high, control top and patterned hosiery that are ideal for the office environment or with your favourite party dress. With prices at around - USD, they make sustainable hosiery an accessible option.

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