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” excerpt=”Thank you @Jerry Brown Gov for signing (SB) 239 supporting the prevention of HIV & helping those living w/ HIV! With up to 24 hours of continuous music streaming, Back Beat PRO outlasts most playlists and movie queues.I recently updated my windows software to Windows 10 on my Hp Pavilion g series laptop and ever since updating, my mouse freezes up.It works fine if in constant use but if I breifly stop and then go back to use it, it will be frozen and I'll have to play with the mouse pad to get it to work again.This greatly expands the range of things we can do during a balloon flight, for example: Another possibility is to run a terminal session between ground (client) and balloon (host), allowing programs to be run on the balloon tracker as requested by a ground station: This could even be used to change the tracker program, or have that program use new configuration parameters.Here though I’m going to use an idea provided by Philip Heron – run an old text adventure game.

“HIV should be treated like all other serious infectious diseases, and that’s what SB 239 does.

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