Deliberate dating

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exposé about being invited to the producer's hotel room where he asked for a naked massage, while casually dangling a role for her in a film. Jessica has since taken to social media, defending Seth for speaking up about her!

"I got a phone call at 3.30am to say that my pub was on fire so I set off straight away," he said.“It’s gut-wrenching, as a young business owner I’ve put hard effort, time and commitment into building something from the ground up.“I wanted to get use this as a stepping stone to get somewhere but now I’m back to square one.” Mr Mahmood said that the first and second storeys of the building had also been used by community groups.A FIRE at a car hire firm is being treated as 'deliberate'.Firefighters from Bradford were called to the vehicle rental company on Canal Road at around 9.30pm last night, where a Peugeot was ablaze.

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