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21% believe that the right time is during the first date, and 52% think that it’s only appropriate after the first date or dates.

A final 21% are even more reluctant, believing that you should only give someone flowers once you are dating exclusively.

If you're really that bored, I'm sure you can find more productive things to do than force something that you already have little to no interest in. In their simplest form, I believe that they fail because both partners stop trying to impress the other.

We get too comfortable and feel that going that extra mile has no value.

Listen, there is nothing at all wrong with just having sex. The problem is that most of us are so used to pseudo-dating in order to get off that when we find ourselves on what ought to be an actual date, we don't know how to act.

If you're going on a date, treat it like an actual date.

For men however, the divide is not so clear cut: 50.1% of men would like a pot plant instead of a bunch of flowers, while 49.9% would opt for the bouquet of blooms.

It’s also important to think about where you get your flowers from.

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The survey asked participants to pick their favourite flowers to give to or receive from a romantic partner, creating a definitive top 10 list: perfect for romantics, gardeners, and for those who simply love flowers: Interestingly, men and women are slightly divided on the subject of the most romantic flowers of all.

The survey also revealed that it’s important to think about how you present your love flowers.

If you’re giving flowers to a woman, the traditional bunch is best: 79% of women surveyed would rather receive a bunch of flowers than a potted plant, even if the latter lasts longer.

In what’s sure to be good news for gardeners, it turns out that homegrown stems are the most romantic flowers of all.

In fact, 69% of people think that the best bunch of flowers is one that is handpicked and/or homegrown – just 31% would rather have an expensive bunch from the florist.

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