Dating site for men with beards

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The researchers also played with traditionally male-typical features, like a more pronounced brow and jawline (which, the team says, can signify underlying health—thanks to evolution; beards on the other hand can signal a man's age, even social status, and dominance.

When women viewed clean-shaven men, those that were masculinized and, even more so, feminized were viewed as less attractive than men whose faces were unmanipulated.

Just two per cent of the human population possess the ginger gene; the majority of whom reside in northern Europe, a recent study revealed.So, consider your beard the equivalent to a peacock's plume or a deer's antlers.And check out our brand new story on the five best beard styles to try.Well, if you're single, the state of your facial hair can attract flings or long-term relationships, depending on how you style it, according to new research., researchers asked 8,520 women to rate the physical attractiveness of men with varying degrees of facial hair, all of which were manipulated using computer graphics.

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