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When the American Civil War began in April 1861, there were only 16,367 men in the U. In addition, almost 200 West Point graduates who had previously left the Army, including Grant, Sherman, and Bragg, would return to service at the outbreak of the war. Army consisted of ten regiments of infantry, four of artillery, two of cavalry, two of dragoons, and three of mounted infantry. Of the 197 companies in the army, 179 occupied 79 isolated posts in the West, and the remaining 18 manned garrisons east of the Mississippi River, mostly along the Canada–United States border and on the Atlantic coast.

At least two million and possibly as much as two and a half million men served in the Union Army; almost all (upwards of 94%) were volunteers. Approximately 20% of these officers, mostly Southerners, resigned and joined the Confederate army.

The Union Army fought and defeated the Confederate Army during the war.

It included the permanent regular army of the United States, which was augmented by massive numbers of temporary units consisting of volunteers as well as conscripts.

At the start of the war, there were 824 graduates of the U. Military Academy on the active list; of these, 296 resigned or were dismissed, and 184 of those became Confederate officers.

Of the approximately 900 West Point graduates who were then civilians, 400 returned to the Union Army and 99 to the Confederate.

Support for CAF Members: CAF members who have been affected by harmful and inappropriate sexual behavior will be better supported with discretion and empathy, and appropriately informed about the resources that are available to them from an effective, comprehensive, and coordinated network. Extent and nature of harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour within CAF; b.

Any alleged or confirmed acts of sexual misconduct or other breaches of these orders by Formation Commanders, Commanding Officers, and their Chief Petty Officers 1st Class/Chief Warrant Officers; and c. The key dates frame CAF activities: (1) 20 Aug 15: CDS Leadership Engagement; (2) 01 Sep 15: Stand-up of SMRC(I); (3) 15 Sep 15: SMRC(1) reaches initial operational capacity; (4) NLT 30 Sep 15: Orders issued down to the lowest tactical level; (5) 01 Oct 15: CSRT-SM from VCDS to CMP; (6) Winter 15/16: Symposium for CAF Senior Leaders and Stakeholders on Harmful and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour; (7) APS 18: Stand-down CSRT-SM and transfer of functions to applicable DND/CAF OPIs; and (8) FY 18/19: SMRC Full Operational Capability (FOC). VCDS: (1) Cmdre BWN Santarpia, COS VCDS, 613-992-6091 b. CSRT-SM: (1) LGen CT Whitecross, Commander, 613-996-2347; (2) Col GMH Fontaine, Deputy Commander, 613-996-2365; (3) Ms. Neault, Strategic Advisor, 613-996-2952; (4) LCol JPS Lapointe, Chief of Staff, 613-996-3522; (5) Cdr P Grimshaw, Deputy Director Policy, Education and Training, 613-996-3181; (6) LCol JAM Villeneuve, Deputy Director Programme Effectiveness Measurement, 613-996-3158; (7) Ms. Lamothe, Communications Advisor, 613-996-3133; and 33.

This group's loyalties were far more sharply divided, with 92 doning Confederate gray and 102 putting on the blue of the Union Army. With the Southern slave states declaring secession from the Union, and with this drastic shortage of men in the army, President Abraham Lincoln called on the states to raise a force of 75,000 men for three months to put down the insurrection.

To the extent possible, support to those affected by harmful and inappropriate sexual behavior shall be guided by “do no harm”; and d. The CAF shall develop a unified policy approach to specifically define what constitutes harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour in plain language, enhance education and training on harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour, and establish an objective and enduring capability to measure performance and effect. Commanders and the Senior Leadership of the CAF shall personally receive my detailed direction and intent on the actions needed to achieve the mission.

The CAF shall establish a clear understanding of what constitutes harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour, the means to identify members who are in need of support, and improved reporting and assessment measures; b. The CAF shall institutionalize a cultural change, framed by clear direction and training for leaders on how to better direct and effect culture change throughout the institution; c. The CAF shall provide support and better facilitate services to CAF members affected by harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour including the establishment of a Sexual Misconduct Response Centre (SMRC). (Ongoing) VCDS will complete a comprehensive strategy and associated action plan to address the remaining recommendations of the ERA report while taking the necessary steps to develop the mandate, governance and operational model of the Sexual Misconduct Response Centre (Interim) (SMRC(I))(See Annex B).

Sweitzer, Prince de Joinville (son of King Louis Phillippe of France), and on the very right - the prince's nephew, Count de Paris Union private infantry uniform, from plate 172 of the "Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies," containing illustrations of uniforms worn by Union and Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War The Union Army or Federal Army was the land force that fought for the Union during the American Civil War, 1861 to 1865.

As more men were needed, however, the number of volunteers fell and both money bounties and forced conscription had to be turned to.

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