Can doctors dating former patients

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At first I was not attracted to this surgeon, in fact, I was annoyed with him and tried to change doctors. At appointments, he spent a great deal of time with me, 20-30 minutes, and did all the dirty work like cleaning incisions, bandaging, etc. A friend told me I am suffering from transference, but I don't think so. He would sit in my room and chat about non-medical things." more than two thirds (68%) of the 24,000 doctors who responded resoundingly say "no." In contrast, nearly one third are more nuanced in their view.

Richard Martinez, director of forensic psychiatry services at Denver Health Medical Center and the author of several articles on ethical decision-making and the patient/physician relationship, says the AMA was wise to leave a little wiggle room in its opinion. "Every ethical dilemma has to be evaluated and considered on a case-by-case basis." That simple "it's complicated" answer captures the spirit of nearly one third of the respondents' remarks.Similarly, a patient may not even remember the anesthesiologist who presided over his gallbladder surgery or the emergency department doctor who once stitched his finger."I think it depends in part on the type of physician and medical care," says a pediatrician.Even a well-considered relationship -- one that includes a formal letter terminating the doctor/physician relationship, knowledge that another physician had assumed care, and a lengthy waiting period before a romance -- can present obstacles due to the foibles of memory and the motivations of others, Vande Vusse says. "If there's any area where people's judgment is impaired, it involves sex and romance.For many would-be Romeos and Juliets, those risks and the potential consequences are enough to squelch the flame. 'No' is the safest answer." For those who remain undaunted?

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