Agency dating mariupol ukraine

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Eston Kohver was lured to a meeting in a lonely woodland at 9am on a Friday.

Lest the spy be thought foolish or naive, he went to the assignation with a posse of bodyguards.

Day by day, President Vladimir Putin is dismembering his neighbour.

If he concludes that his adventure in Ukraine has served Russia’s interests, then he will turn on new targets – and the trio of countries along the Baltic coast would probably be next.

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The target was a senior officer in Estonia’s version of MI5 and the bait was supposedly vital information about organised crime.Look no further than Ukraine, which provides vivid proof of Russia’s mastery of “hybrid warfare”, namely the use of every method of force and coercion except full-scale conflict.The crisis in eastern Ukraine began with the occupation of public buildings by people who proclaimed their loyalty to Russia.But these occupations spread like wildfire, leading to the birth of the “Donetsk People’s Republic”.From the beginning, Russian special forces and military intelligence were providing the planning, muscle and logistics.

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