Aaron carter dating lindsay lohan newly divorced women and dating

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'To start off, I would like to say that I love each and EVERY ONE of my fans,' he wrote in the post.'There's something I'd like to say that I feel is important for myself and my identity that has been weighing on my chest for nearly half of my life, said Carter.'This doesn't bring me shame, just a weight and burden I have held onto for a long time that I would like lifted off of me. From the infamous feud between Disney darlings Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan over Aaron Carter in his glory days to the dramatic Laguna Beach tug-of-war between Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari over Stephen Colletti, here are 10 love triangles you probably forgot about.During their Disney days, the two actresses were at war over Aaron Carter circa 2003.I grew up in this entertainment industry at a very young age and when I was around 13-years-old I started to find boys and girls attractive.'He then confessed that he had a sexual encounter with a friend as a teenager.'There were years that went by that I thought about it, but it wasn't until I was 17-years old, after a few relationships with girls, I had an experience with a male that I had an attraction to who I also worked with an grew up with,' wrote Carter.'To me music has always been my temple. I never want to be a figure of disappointment.'He then closed out by writing: 'The best quote to sum "I've never felt as though I didn't belong.Music will ALWAYS be what transcends all of us and myself. I just acted as though I did." - Boy George.' At the time Carter had just split with girlfriend Madison Parker.We could hardly sleep at night without knowing who Aaron Carter would ultimately choose. Hilary Duff went onto marry Mike Comrie and give birth to Luca, the world's cutest celebrity baby.

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"I'm going to do everything in my power to fix those relationships in my life just like I want to fix the relationship I had with the love of my life., to which her response wasn't exactly kind."Him reaching out through social media? Surprising Celebrity Hookups Shortly after the interview went public, Aaron called out Hilary with this not so thinly veiled tweet on Wednesday."Some s**t I just don't get. "But then people do it all the time, like Chris Brown and Karrueche [Tran]? Keep it between text messages."PHOTOS: They Dated?! The 27-year-old "Oh Aaron" singer was famously caught in a love triangle in 2002 between the soon-to-be officially divorced star and Lindsay Lohan, whom he started dating after her."I don't know who she is today, she doesn't know who I am today but I would sweep her off her feet if I ever got a chance to again and fix what I did wrong," Aaron told ET last April about Hilary. Hilary and Aaron dated when they were just 13 years old.

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